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Occupational Safety Card trainings at Validator courses.

Our courses have a nice positive and relaxed atmosphere. The aim is to make sure that everyone who attends our courses gets something to take back to their workplace from the day. Inspiring Occupational Safety Card courses from Validator!

The course utilizes training material from the Occupational Safety Center. In addition, the course instructor brings their own materials and examples to liven up the training day. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the training by asking questions and sharing their own experiences, both good and bad examples. The more participants contribute throughout the day, the more rewarding the training day becomes.

Inspiring Occupational Safety Card courses from Validator!

Training locations

Validator Ltd. organizes open courses in the Southwest Finland region, including Turku, Raisio and Uusikaupunki Let us know your location, and we’ll explore the possibility of organizing open courses there; we gladly add new municipalities to our course map.

We also offer online training sessions through Teams.

For businesses, we organize customized courses throughout Finland and internationally. Check our English-language pages – in English.

Open courses have been held in the following locations:

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Unfortunately, these courses do not provide TraFi/professional competence certification at the moment. For customized courses, there is an opportunity to obtain professional competence certification if the course is booked well in advance.

Occupational Safety Card

The Occupational Safety Card enhances safety at common workplaces and beyond. Once learned, safe practices are naturally applied elsewhere.

Managing safety in common workplaces requires effective collaboration among all parties. Open collaboration between the ordering company and supplier companies plays a significant role in realizing safety. Occupational Safety Card training provides employees and others working in a common workplace with basic knowledge of workplace hazards and how occupational safety can be implemented.

The use of the Occupational Safety Card in companies and workplaces is voluntary. his means that the law does not require companies to mandate the use of the Occupational Safety Card, but many companies have adopted it as they see it promoting workplace safety. Several ordering companies demand the card from their own staff, suppliers, and subcontractors.

The administration of the Occupational Safety Card and system is done by the Occupational Safety Center.

Validity of the Occupational Safety Card

Upon successfully completing the training, the participant is awarded the Occupational Safety Card. The card is personal and valid for five years. The card can be valid also in Sweden and replace the Swedish Entre card. It depends by the company reguirements. Cardholders may need to complete a supplementary course in Sweden. It is advisable to check the validity of the reciprocal agreement for cards with the client.

The delivery time for the card is approximately two to three weeks. If you need proof of the card’s validity earlier, we can issue a temporary certificate that is valid for four weeks. During the validity of the temporary certificate, the actual card will be sent to you. Before the actual card arrives, you can check the validity of your card by sending an email or calling the contact information provided on the tyoturvallisuuskortti.fi website.

Renewing the Occupational Safety Card

A half-day recap course was reintroduced in April 2023. If your card is still valid on the course day, you can attend a half-day recap course. You need to have and show your card at training. Confirm the validity of your card and ensure that the course is suitable as a recap training.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Card

If you have a valid Occupational Safety Card that has been lost or stolen, you can order a new one through the tyoturvallisuuskortti.fi website. We can help you by ordering a card and delivering it to you. Service fee is 50€ plus VAT. The cost of the new card, replacing the lost card, can be found on the Occupational Safety Authority’s website.

Use of the Occupational Safety Card

The Occupational Safety Card is widely used in common workplaces, including industries, construction, the public sector, and many other sectors.

Occupational Safety Card Training

Occupational Safety Card training is conducted according to the requirements of the Occupational Safety Center and lasts minimum seven and a half (7.5) hours, including the exam. The results of the exam are announced immediately during the course, and after the exam, the correct answers to the questions are discussed.

Occupational Safety Card Course

The training material for Occupational Safety Card courses is provided by the Occupational Safety Authority. Training slide sets are available for different industries.

Course Day Schedule and Course Flow example

Courses usually start at 8:00 AM, and the exam session begins at 3:00 PM. That is seven (7) hours from the start. Short breaks are taken approximately every hour, and lunch usually starts around 10:45 AM. The lunch break is forty-five (45) minutes. Late arrivals are not allowed on the course.

Common Workplace

We discuss the nature of common workplaces, how responsibilities are determined there. Various options for organizing occupational safety organizations and occupational health services are examined. Temporary work is becoming more common in workplaces, and its allocation of responsibilities is also discussed. Cases where an employee has the right to refrain of dangerous work and what refusal means, are covered.

Common Safety

The principle is zero accidents. The course covers the effects of accidents and damages, both economic and psychological. The effects are not only on the injured but also on everyone around them. Risk management models are explained, and how risk management is implemented is discussed. Various stress factors that can occur in workplaces and how they affect different people in different ways are examined.


How good orientation is done in a common workplace, what orientation should include, and what challenges there may be in orientations.

Safe Working Day in a Common Workplace

We go through tools, machines, and equipment, what employees and supervisors should consider regarding machines and equipment. Aspects to be considered in lifting work. How to manage the safety of work with fall hazards. How to work in closed and confined spaces and with chemicals. Electrical safety and safety in hot work are also covered.

Action in an Accident Situation

We go through what needs to be considered in an accident situation and how to act.

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Inspiring Occupational Safety Card courses from Validator!

For open courses, we reserve the right to cancel the course if there are not enough participants. We will notify of any cancellation a few business days in advance.