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Comprehensive safety training services for a safe working environment

Casual and high-quality safety courses from Validator, we offer the following courses, among others: Occupational Safety card courses and Hot Work Certificate card courses, and initial firefighting courses across Finland and abroad. The courses are open to everyone as well as tailored private training for companies.

We understand that course participants have many options to choose from. Therefore, at Validator, we focus on ensuring that our courses are both useful and enjoyable. Safety training doesn’t have to be a chore! Our safety courses are conducted in accordance with the requirements of umbrella organizations, complemented by the trainer’s experience and examples.

We have received positive feedback on our courses. Thanks are also due to the course participants.

Our safety training courses are conducted by accredited trainers recognized by head organizations. Achievements are recorded in the systems of each organization Occupational Safety Center and The Finnish National Rescue Association (TTK and SPEK), and course completion cards are included in the course fee.

We also offer consultancy and auditing services in the field of workplace safety, assisting companies in, among other things, drafting rescue plans, occupational health and safety programs, and other plans and documents required by authorities.

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Occupational Safety Card

Invest in safety through Validator, we offer comprehensive safety trainings to prepare your team for a zero accident workplace!

Hot Work Certificate

Demonstrate your professional skills and improve safety at work with a Hot work card, which is a concrete step towards a responsible and safe working environment!

Education and training for high places and risk of falling

Work safely at hight – our high-altitude training ensures that every ascent and descent is controlled and secured!

Fire extinguishing training

Our fire extinguishing courses will give you the skills and knowledge to extinguish a fire. Extinguish the risks before they flare up!

Why Validator?


In-depth understanding of occupational safety requirements and standards.


A wide range of courses to meet different teaching and certification needs.


Tailored training to meet individual and company-specific needs.


Not just training, but ongoing support and advice on how to maintain safety at work.

Feedback from our courses

“The trainer was the best”


“The course was a really positive surprise. At first I thought they were useless, but this was brilliant”

Course member

“I learned a lot of new things and it was definitely not compulsory. Plus, there were good refreshments!”

Old timer

An expert at your service

Our courses have a nice positive and relaxed atmosphere. The aim is to make sure that everyone who attends our courses gets something to take back to their workplace from the day.

We also provide organisations with consultancy on occupational safety and related documentation.

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